"Maybe if you go to bed you’ll feel better in the morning" is literally just the human version of "Have you tried turning it off and back on again?"


Naoto Hattori

Brazillian music legend Caetano Veloso has a new album out but every time I see it, all I can think is ONE WEIRD TRICK TO LEARN SPANISH FAST


‘Passion’, A Short Documentary About Competitive Beard Growing World Champion Jack Passion

omg i went to college with this guy. i’d always see him waiting at the bus stop, his beard blowing majestically in the breeze. 


no fucks

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Why would people invent race? Race was created in America in the late 1600s in order to preserve the land and power of the wealthy. Rich planters in Virginia feared what might happen if indigenous tribes, slaves, and indentured servants united and overthrew them. So, they cut a deal with the poor English colonists. The planters gave the English poor certain rights and privileges denied to all persons of African and Native American descent: the right to never be enslaved, to free speech and assembly, to move about without a pass, to marry without upper-class permission, to change jobs, to acquire property, and to bear arms. In exchange, the English poor agreed to respect the property of the rich, help them seize indigenous lands, and enforce slavery.

This cross-class alliance between the rich and the English poor came to be known as the “white race.” By accepting preferential treatment in an economic system that exploited their labor, too, the white working class tied their wagon to the elite rather than the rest of humanity. This devil’s bargain has undermined freedom and democracy in the U.S. ever since.


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Know your history. Bacon’s Rebellion

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Race is a construct. Don’t forget it.

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how race was constructed in America (45 second read)

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Paint swatches, Shawn Huckins

someone built a tumblr gif irl …here’s a gif of it, natch

someone built a tumblr gif irl …here’s a gif of it, natch

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